Saturday, October 17, 2015

5 Questions around the star

This is free writing task that can be used to practice the simple past tense.

Give each student a paper with a big star on it. Each student will write a sentence about their personal life, preferably from their own experiences. (e.g. I will never forget the day when I almost drowned in the Mediterranean sea.) Then the teacher will put them into groups of 5. In their groups, the students will give their papers to the person next to them (in a clockwise fashion). The person who gets the paper will write a question about the sentence in the middle of the star. (e.g. Was there anyone else with you that day?) And the students will continue to change the papers clockwise until everybody has their own paper back by which time they will have 5 questions about their own sentence. When everyone has got their own paper back, they will tell the story of their experience answering the questions written by their group mates.

 Here is an example: (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)