Saturday, October 17, 2015

A creative writing task

This activity was designed to be given as homework to practice the simple past tense . You can also do it in class as a writing task but it might take quite a lot of time depending on your student profile. You can adapt it to use with almost any group of learners.

Choose one of the characters below and invent his/her biography. You have to use at least 8 of the following phrases. Remember to put the verbs into the correct form.

be born in …start working as a …
spend his/her childhood in …work as a … for … years
live … years instudy … at the university of …
have … sister/brothersget fired
be an only childbe unemployed
leave … for …retire
go to collegemeet … (someone)
change his/her major from … to …get married/divorced
drop out of school/collegehave a child

Celia Llamas / 68 years old / Scientist

Luis Mendez / 72 years old / Orchestra conductor

David Chin / 53 years old / Thief

Marco Stein / 56 years old / Lion tamer