Saturday, October 17, 2015

A song with a moving story

I found this video on Youtube accidentally and I liked it so much that I immediately decided to prepare a lesson plan for it.

You can of course use it in many different ways but here’s how I used it: First, I gave the students the pictures below taken from the video (You can download the high quality photos here), and I wanted them to write a story for the pictures. I did not say that there was an original one. Everything else (the place, the characters, the plot etc.) was up to the students. (You can also give them this worksheet to keep them on track.) I gave them 15 minutes to write the story in groups of five and then each group told their story to the class. They came up with incredibly creative stories (they were 15/16 years old).

If you'd like to make sure the groups listen to each other, you can ask them to fill in this table according to the stories their friends tell.

After all the groups told their stories, I told them that it was actually the story of a famous song called Copacabana by Barry Manilow (it was the Glee cast cover in the video). We watched the video together and they really liked it, some of them even got a little emotional when they saw the sad ending. After watching the video, we talked about the original story in the song.