Monday, October 26, 2015

Plickers – Capturing multiple choice responses from students

Another neat idea to make your life easier!

Plickers is an online platform that enables you to capture multiple choice responses from students using your smart phone. The only things you will need are a smartphone (only the teacher needs one) and the Plicker cards that your students will use to show you their answers.

So, how does it work? Each student is given a card (such as the ones above) with a unique visual code. The code has 4 sides, each lettered A, B, C, and D. The student holds the card so that the letter they choose to answer the question with is at the top of their card. The teacher uses the iOS or Android app on their smartphone to slowly scan the room. The app recognizes the cards, records who the teacher assigned them to, and captures the answer that the student chose. The app will only record each student’s answer once, so you need not worry about a second scan skewing your data.
When you’re done with all the preparation, you’ll be doing this in the class:

The preparation seems like a lot of work but you will do it only once. If you print your cards on a durable kind of paper such as cardstock, you can use them for years. I know it seems a little complicated. Watch this short video to see how to get it working: