Monday, October 26, 2015

Practice reading with Newsela is a website designed to help English learners practice reading. Some good points worth mentioning about the website:
  1. You can sign up as a student, teacher or parent.
  2. There’s a wide range of choices categorized by topic.
  3. Students can choose the level that best suits their own proficiency level (there are as many as 5 different levels for each article).
  4. They can take a quiz and test their understanding of the news article they have read. (This may not be available for all the articles.)
  5. Teachers can add classrooms and track their students’ progress.
  6. Teachers can create quizzes for a particular news article on the website.
While signing up, you are asked to choose your school as well. If you live outside the US, you might need to register your school.

Update: The options to add classrooms and track their performance are available only in the Pro version which you have to purchase.

This is what the home page looks like:

And this is the settings page where you can add classes and track their progress.