Monday, October 26, 2015

Should have + past participle

I used the video above to teach should have + past participle. It is a segment from the movie Joy Luck Club. An American man meets the family of his Chinese-American girlfriend and does certain things that are considered rather impolite by the very traditional Chinese family. In the video, the girlfriend, Waverly, remembers and narrates this scene in which she uses the should-have-done structure a few times.

I’m sharing the tasks that I did with and after this video. The PPT file is a combination of all the things that I did in this lesson including the answers to the exercises, so you can follow the same order if you like. (I used the names of my students in the game part, so you might want to change that!) This PDF document includes separate versions of the tasks on the PPT file and you can print them out for your students.