Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Speaking Club Week 1

I have started a speaking club for my lower-level students who wanted to do extra speaking practice. This is the first one of the tasks that I prepared/compiled and will share here on a weekly basis.

The first time we met, I wanted the students to get to know each other because they came from different classes. Also, this first activity was an easy start for most of the students who had little experience in speaking English.

It's a kind of questionnaire that allows students to ask each other simple questions. After all the students have asked and answered the questions in pairs, I asked some volunteers to report back to the class. You can download the Word document here.

The second thing we did was a game called "Pass the eraser!". In this game, students will sit in a circle and pass an eraser (or paper ball, pencil, etc.) while the teacher plays some music. When the music stops, whoever has the object must ask a question for the answer on the slide. You can download the PPT file here.