Thursday, December 17, 2015

Speaking Club Week 2

In the second week of the speaking club, the students did some role playing. I found these very short scenarios online and turned them into gap-filling tasks just so the students would work on them a little rather than just read them. The scenarios vary in terms of length and difficulty, so you might want to keep that in mind when distributing the tasks.

After giving out the tasks and making sure all the pairs have understood what's going on in their role play, I gave them some time to practice the conversations with their partners. I also informed them that they would act out these scenarios for their friends.

Before I asked the students to do their role plays, I did one of the tasks as an example with a colleague of mine who kindly joined us that day. You can also do this with one of your more proficient students.

Before I asked all the pairs to act out their scenarios, I gave out this handout for the listeners to fill in. While each pair was doing their role play, the other students filled in the table. Then I asked the listeners to share their answers. I also encouraged the "actors" to ask more detailed questions to the audience about what happened in their role play.

The second task of the day was talking about a given topic for one minute. For this task, I used a PPT that a friend of mine shared with me. On the first slide of this PPT are 20 letters from A to T. I asked the students to choose one of the letters. When I clicked on that letter, it led to another slide with a topic and a timer. The timer starts when you click anywhere on the slide. The student needs to talk about that topic until the bar at the bottom of the page (the timer) is completely colored.

Contrary to my expectations, the students really enjoyed this task and some of them even wanted to talk about one more topic.