Thursday, December 24, 2015

Speaking Club Week 3

I try out new ideas every week for the speaking club. This week we started with a very short movie "Struck (Love at First Sight)" I found on  In the movie, Joel (Bodhi Elfman) is impaled through the chest by a three-foot arrow. It doesn’t harm him, but it won’t come out, so he has to learn to deal with both his newfound protrusion, and his own painful loneliness. He tries to go to work, to date women, but no one seems ready to accept his strange flaw. Little does he know, his life is about to change forever...

Before we watched the movie, I gave out this handout which included some questions about the movie, and I asked the students to take notes about them. (You might want to check the students' comprehension of the questions.) After we watched the movie, I divided them into groups of 5 and had them discuss the questions with their friends. When they were done discussing, I asked everyone to answer at least one question. I also asked some follow-up questions to encourage them to speak as much as possible.

As usual, the second thing we did was play a game. You might have heard of the game Hedbanz. This game is very similar. On this PPT, there are pictures of lots of objects or animals. You show one of these pictures on your projector screen and one of the students sits in front of the screen facing the class (thus not seeing the picture). In two minutes, s/he has to ask yes/no questions to her/his friends to find out what s/he is. (S/he cannot ask wh- (information) questions like "What am I?" or "Where do I live?").  If s/he can't find it at the end of the two minutes, you might encourage the other students to give her/him some clues. In the following video, you can see some people playing the original game.