Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Speaking Club Week 5

We had the last session of this semester last week. I did not have to do much. It was the students who did a lot of preparation because they gave presentations on their favorite books and movies.

One week before the session, I let them know that they were going to give a short presentation on their favorite book or movie, so they needed to prepare a mini presentation.

I gave them the following guidelines to make it clear what they were expected to talk about.

  1. The characters - some photos would be nice here!
  2. The plot (what happens in the book or the movie)
  3. Critical reception (How did critics feel about the movie/book? Was it a successful production?) You can also talk about your own feelings in this part. 

I specifically asked them not to put more than a few words on each slide so that they would not read from the slides. I encouraged them to get help from the note cards they prepared if they needed to.

The presentations were mostly really nice. Although a few students got really nervous and did not know how to start, I got them started by asking a few simple questions. I guess it is quite okay to get nervous before giving a presentation not just in a foreign language but also in your first one! :)