Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Discussion on children who kill

The chilling title is from a book entitled "Taboos and Issues". I have recently started to use this book to include more speaking practice in class. Here is a sample lesson plan that a few colleagues of mine and I developed using the book. The lessons revolves around the question of whether killer children should be treated differently from adults, and if so, how. The activities in the plan include reading a newspaper article about a thirteen-year-old boy who killed his playmate and having group discussions followed by a whole-class discussion.

Download this PPT which includes pre-reading questions that you can ask before you ask the learners to read the newspaper article. After they have answered the pre-reading questions, you can give out the article and ask them to do the true-false questions.

 Then, go back to the PPT and ask the learners to discuss the post-reading questions on the next slide.

If you think it is necessary, you can also do this quick Kahoot to do some practice on the vocabulary.

The next step is the group discussions. You have all the instructions on the PPT, but it might be a good idea to print these instructions out and give them to the students so that they can refer to them for each case. When they are done with the group discussions, you can ask the learners to report back on their discussion.

The final step is the whole-class discussion. At this stage, you might encourage the learners who were not very active in the group discussions to participate.

As a follow up activity, you can ask your learners to write a paragraph about why people commit crimes.