Saturday, March 12, 2016

A complete lesson plan to teach quantifiers

This is a lesson plan I prepared as part of the ICELT course I did last year.  It aims to introduce some expressions of quantity (much, many, a little, a few and a lot of) and includes both controlled and free practice. 

I started off by asking the students if they knew anything about Cape Town. Some of them told me that they did, and I asked them some questions about it like "Where is it?"and "What language do they speak there?" etc. After this small discussion, I showed them the video below and asked them to take notes of at least one reason mentioned in the video to visit Cape Town.

After they watched the video, I asked a few students to tell me one of the reasons the guy in the video mentions.

Then, I asked the students to read this text, and try to fill in the table under it according to the underlined examples in the text (Part A in the worksheet) and answer the questions in Part B afterwards. 

Countable nouns Uncountable nouns Small quantity Large quantity

a few

a little

a lot of

I used this PPT to show the answers to these exercises.

The next step was to do some controlled practice, and I used this worksheet to do that. If you'd like to include some variety in student interaction, you can ask them to do this part in pairs, or you can use an online tool like Socrative or Kahoot. (Click here to learn how to use Socrative.)

The last part of the lesson was playing a game in which the students worked in groups to write sentences using expressions of quantity to describe the photos I showed them. You can set a time limit to make it more challenging. I used the following instructions to explain the rules of the game.
  • With your group, write a sentence for each picture. 
  • The sentences may be in affirmative, negative or question form.
  • Use one of these in your sentences: many, much, a few, a little, a lot of
  • Show your answer to the teacher when the time is up.
  • If you write a grammatical sentence that is true for the picture, you’ll get one point.
  • The group with the most correct answers wins.
Click here to download the PPT for the game.