Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Memorable Prepositions

Prepositions are always problematic for learners of English. Although the ideal way to learn them is by exposure, more often than not, learners might have to learn at least the most common ones in a limited amount of time to do well in school or on exams. My students have been asking me for a list of preposition combinations with adjectives and adverbs, and I have found this list which also includes some practice on these combinations.

I also came up with this game to practice these combinations in class, but it might be a good idea to give students some time, ideally a few days, to study the list before you play the game.

Students study the list of preposition combinations with adjectives and adverbs which can be found here. (Click here for the answer key.)

When they are ready to play the game, divide them into five groups.

Members of each group takes turns telling the correct preposition used with each adjective or verb. (Each group has their own slide and their own set of questions on it.) While one group is playing, the others should watch for mistakes or people who might be cheating. If someone from the group makes a mistake, the group needs to start over. The group that finishes the whole list fastest wins.

The teacher keeps time to see how long each group takes to finish their list and compare the results at the end of the game to find the winner.

The answers are covered with blue squares which are set to disappear on click so that you can reveal the answers as the students tell them. Don't forget to put the squares back when a group member makes a mistake. You can use the right and left arrows on the keyboard to make the squares appear or disappear.