Friday, March 11, 2016

Practicing the present perfect continuous

This activity is designed to give learners a chance to practice the present perfect continuous with some role playing.

  • Four students in each group. 
  • Each student is given two slips of paper. 
  • Each slip contains two rows: one for the acting directions and the other for the reason for the acting. 
  • The student holding the slip acts out the directions and reads the line. 
  • The others have 2 minutes to guess what the reason is by asking yes/no questions in present perfect continuous, e.g. “Have you been lifting weights?” 
  • The acting student should answer with a nod or a shake meaning, yes or no. 
  • If the students in the group cannot guess what the reason is, the acting student gives the answer by reading out the reason section in the slip. 
  • If a student guesses the reason, he/she gets one point. 
  • The game goes on until all the students have acted twice. 
  • You can modify the reasons to make the game funnier.
Download the worksheet here